About Us: 
             Life is Great, People are Incredible &
            Gardening is Getting Better! 

       We are located in North Monterey County, California. 3 miles inland from
 the ocean. We have excellent stock, grown in a great sandy, sunny location. There is an ocean breeze blowing through our fields, which seems to keep mildew away. 
We currently have 400 varieties of dahlias. Among these are healthy tubers only, good for cut flowers, show, and border dahlias, The Fabulous 50, Cream of the Crop, and we specialize in extremely current hybrids. We have had 250 new crossbreeds come through in the last years! 
        We offer Dahlias that we truly enjoy and rate as superb top quality flowers. Anything not within this rating is removed from the gardens.
        We have a family run business. We love our flower farm and want you to be happy with our service as a tuber mail order and cut flower business. We do not grow cuttings.       
       If you are new at growing dahlias, we love to help you get going correctly for success, just call and don't worry about being a beginner, it takes some knowledge to get going. 

Let's Face it, if there is dirt, there should be dahlias!
Thanks so much for your patronage, 

Harvest Time !
Dahlia clumps waiting to be divided We processed all our dahlia clumps as below each fall thru winter.