Shipping & Handling Information
Terms: A Check or money order must accompany your order.Or you can pay with a credit card. Either call in your card or write it on your order.  Be sure to include postage and California State Tax[ if applicable] to your total amount. Allow  10 days for processing your checks. C.O.D. is not acceptable. We are not shipping out of the USA any more due to Ag Department Regulations.

 No Cash Refund: you must complain about your order within 2-3 days of recieving your shipment for a cash refund. At this point, We do not accept order returns until August 30th. At that point you must return the original tuber in growable condition. In other words, not rotten or dried out, withering or a broken neck.
We will send you a new tuber the following spring. There are no cash refunds we replace the root.
We charge a 10.00 or 15% handling fee -which ever is highest]. 

*****It is a hoax that tubers need a visible eye to be planted in the ground This is a rumor that people have created to make sure a tuber that they purchase will grow for them.    
Tubers do not need to have a visible eye to be put in the ground. The tuber will sprout when it has the correct hours of light and heat on it's own time and schedule. Some varieties sprout later than others, they are the late fall bloomers. ​

Shipping Dates: We begin shipping tubers March 20th, 2014 - June 15th, 2014 as weather permits. If your order is not received by May 1st, 2014 please contact us. Orders shipped after that are only upon request.

Shipping & Handling Charge:
Wow, shipping cost are really high now with the post office.
1-10    Tubers            Please Add          $ 14.00
10-18  Tubers                                          $18.00
19-24  Tubers                                          $28.00
25-36  Tubers                                          $32.00
31-36  Tubers                                          $28.00
37-42  Tubers                                          $39.00
Call for higher amounts
Outside the US - sorry no shipments to other countries at this time       

Shipment Cost: Our tubers are larger and much heavier than other dahlia farms due to our longer growing season. This is the reason for our shipping to be slightly higher than other farms.

Shipping Information: All orders are shipped priority mail.  Alaska, and Hawaii orders must go Postal Air.

Reserved: This means the Dahlias are reserved according to the day the order and payment have been received.
you have to order very early to insure that you will be able to reserve a specific plant. Occasionally we are not able to ship a variety that didn't do well over the winter by act of God.

Guarantee: You are buying  dahlia tubers from California, they are field grown and do not need to be forced in any way to grow for you in the same season. We suggest you follow our instructions for best results.
A lot of people are winning first place in the shows with our tubers because we have a great growing season, ideal dirt, and produce healthy strong plants, however, 
tubers don't always produce a sprout when the grower wants it to. We guarantee that our tubers have at least one eye and be true to name. 
We do not store over the winter or ship tubers unless we have seen  the visible eye. 
This doesn't mean that the tuber will always be sprouted upon receiving. Alot of eyes are hidden from winter storage and reappear soon after warm weather begins. We will replace a tuber the following year if you notify us in September -October only. In other words, put it in the ground and grow it. We do not except any form of artificially forcing tubers to grow in the spring prior to planting as a reason to get a cash refund. If you use forced methods of sprouting , you are on your own. Tubers do not like to be forced, benched , propagated, etc. They are not going to sprout when you want them to.  
We suggest that when you get your order that you leave the tubers suspended in the bag they are shipped in until you plant. The bag must be open to let the tubers breath. You will get better results with eyes if using this suggested method.
We do not guarantee tubers that have been shipped earlier than April 1st, 2011  from freezing or to grow, these early shipments are only guaranteed to be true to name. 
We do not garantee tubers that have been forced, benched, propagated, altered, frozen, have had sprouts taken from them or that have been returned in non-growable condition.

This is a natural happening, nothing to be alarmed about.
We work very hard  to be able to give our customers a quality product. While every care is taken to ensure true to  name and high quality tubers, occasionally, mistakes happen. 

Canceled Orders: Orders which have not been shipped that are cancelled prior to March 1st are subject to a $10.00 service fee or 10% of the order fee, which ever is greater to cover processing/ restocking.

Customer Service: If you have any problems or questions with an order please write a letter, and mail to P.O. 1149, Carmel, Ca. 93921, include your order number and phone number so we can help you. 

P.S. Happy Gardening!

  Send orders and checks to :
     Elkhorn Gardens
     p.o. 1149, Carmel, Calif. 93921
     Office phone: 1-831-763-9251,  
     Office Hours: 9AM to 4PM -we are in the   
         gardens alot, you might have to leave a