Central Europe to Japan. Vigorous and easily grown perennials of the lily family. They form fountain-like clumps of closely packed shoots with arching, folded leaves. Through out the summer months they display large lily-like blossoms on branched stems. Each flower lasts only one to a few days, but is quickly replaced by another.  Sun, most soils, regular watering for best bloom, though the plants will endure some drought. Hardy to below 0oF. 

The following are an assortment of exceptional full-sized hybrids. They bear broad-petalled, often ruffled blossoms on 2-5’ stems. Here are a few of our current selections: 

                                                               ‘Adrienne’s Surprise'- {Day-A-21 ] An evergreen hybrid, flowering late in the summer. It 
                                                                                                                 has rose pink flowers 4" broad, marked with darker                                                                                                                           reddish lines around the centers.

                                                           'Autumn Red'- [Day-A-10] 

                                             'Awakening Dream'- [ Day-A-11 ] 24", yellow w/ red eye-

                                       'Aztec Chalis'- [Day-A-22 ] 3 feet, Bright red flowers over wide leaves, floriferous. Evergreen

                                                                     'Black Eyed Susan'[ Day-B-11 ] 2 feet. Yellow flowerswith red halo, yellow throat.

                                             'Breathless Beauty'[ Day-B-15 ] red w/ yellow throat.

                                                                                 'Buried Treasure'- [ Day-B-23 ] pale Yellow, dainty flower.

                                           Butterfly Kisses'- [ Day-B-20 ]

                                                  ‘By Myself’[ Day-B-24 ] An outstanding hybrid in several ways. It has exceptionally dark, thick 
                                                                                     leaves and sturdy 30" stems. Flowers are thick-textured, lasting at least                                                                                            two days, and deep gold in color. 

                                            'Cherry Valentine'- [ Day-C-10 ] 2 feet. rose pink flowers, red violet center, yellow throat.

                                                       'Chicago Apache'[ Day-C-26 ] 2 feet. intense scarlet red flowers.

'Cledo Jones'[ Day-C-27 ] 30", Large gold ruffled flowers. Semi-evergreen.

                   ‘Coming up Roses’. [ Day-C-15 ] A full-sized (to 30") daylily with smallish (3½”) but many flowers. The leaves are                                                                              particularly lush,broad and attractive. The flowers are quite full and ruffled and colored a                                                                      rich rose pink. Evergreen.

                                                         'Darla Anita'- [ Day-D-04 ] 2 feet. Frilled lavender pink flowers have gold edges, green throat.

                                    ‘Derby Bound’[ Day -D-24 ] 2 feet. Flowers of this selection are more narrowly parted and colored dark,                                                                                      almost blackish maroon. 


                                        Ed Brown'- [ Day-E- 01 ] 2 feet. Iced pink with gold ruffled edges , yellow center. Semi-evergreen.

                                            'Elizabeth's Magic'- [ Day-E-15 ]  2 feet. Lg. Dark pink, ruffled edges, yellow center. Semi-evergreen.

                                                     'Fond Wish'[ Day- F-07 ] Delicate pink 

                                               'Fortune's Dearest'- [ Day- F-10 ] Large wine red ruffled flowers, yellow throat. Evergreen.

                               ‘Frank Gladney’- [Day-F-22] A prolific and floriferous selection, with flowers up to 7" broad. Flower color is                                                                                   described by Cordon Bleu as hot coral pink. I think of it is closer to peach,                                                                                        still quite unusual and beautiful. 

                                 ‘Gentle Shepherd’-  [ Day-G-11 ] This is one of the few white (or in most cases, near-white) daylilies. It is a                                                                                  fairly profuse grower with 2’ flower stems and cream-colored to pure white                                                                                          (according to the weather) 4-5" flowers. 

                                                       'Grape Magic'- [ Day-G-06 ] small burgundy 

'                                                      Green Dragon'[ Day-G-08 ] 3 feet. Spider like flower. Pale green sepals and yellow petals.                                                                                                          Semi-evergreen.

                                          'Hearts of Fire'[ Day-H-09 ] 2 feet. Deep red flowers have green throat, ruffled edge. Evergreen.

‘                                Hyperion’. [ Day-H-06 ] One of the great old favorites. It is a strong plant, quickly forming many-stemmed                                                                    clumps. For several months each year, it is graced by sprays of fragrant, 4" bright yellow                                                                    flowers on 3’ stems. Fragrant.

'Icecap'[ Day-i-01 ] Prolific, with stems to 3 feet. Large cream flowers.

                          'Joan Senior'[ Day-J-07 ] 2 feet. Large near white flowers, green throa. Evergreen.

                                    'Jolly Red Giant'- [ Day-J-08 ] 5 feet. Wine red flowers with crisped and twisted petals. Evergreen. Very                                                                                           impressive plant.

                                ‘Kwanso’- [ Day-K-02 ]  An ancient selection, but unusual even by modern standards. The flowers have at least                                                                   two sets of segments, which are orange overall with red central markings. 

'Lamplighter'- [ Day-L-02 ] red self with light yellow throat

                                  'Mister Lucky'- [ Day-M-20 ] 2-3 feet. ruffled brick red flowers, maroon halo, green center. Evergreen.

‘Mountain Violet’[ Day-M-33 ] 2-3 feet. fragrant blossoms  on the lavender side of deep rose. [red-violet] Fragrant.

'Orange Empire'[ Day-O-05 ] 2-3 feet. Ruffled orange flowers, semi- evergreen.

                                                      'Pakistan'[ Day-P-01 ] orange w/yellow center. 

‘Pure Light’[Day-P-27 ] 3 feet. A robust, floriferous plant with broadly-parted, heavy-textured flowers. Dark, non-fading red overall, the 
                                          centers chartreuse. 

'Royal Heritage'- [ Day-R-19 ] - 2-3 ft., Red Violet w/ cream throat. Semi- Evergreen

'Satinque'[ Day-S- 06 ] Burnt red 

'Seminal Wind[ Day-S-28 ] 

'Shady Lady'- [ Day-S- 30 ] 

                          'Sovereign Queen'[ Day-S- 11 ] 2 feet. Wine rose flowers,light eye zone, yellow center. Semi-evergreen.

                                                          Space Coast Bold Scheme'[ Day-S-12 ] Lg. Peach flowers, dark red-violet center, petal                                                                                                                      edges. Semi-evergreen.

                                                                         'Star of India'-  [Day-S-30 ] 3 feet. Lg Wine red flowers, wide yellow "star" center. Evergreen.

'                                             Surprisingly Pink'- [ Day-S- 24]

                                                     'Vohann'- [Day-V-05 ] 3 feet. Lg deep velvet red flowers. Evergreen.

                                                   ‘White Zircon’- [ Day-W-17 ] The flowers attached to this rather contradictory name open pale 
                                                                                              yellow, then quickly fade to ivory. They are also sweetly fragrant.                                                                                                       Large, dark leaves are an added attraction. 

                                                                'Wisest of Wizards'- [ Day-W- 07 ] 3 feet. Lg. ruffled creamy yellow flowers, shaded                                                                                                                              center

A few of our varieties are listed below.
We sell double fan daylily roots- 250 varieties are available!
All plants shipped are bare rooted plants- if you wish to pick up on Sundays during are scheduled events,
 please give us several days notice in advance.
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