Elkhorn Garden
Office: 1-831-763-9251
Email us at: elkhorng@gmail.com
Office Hours: 8AM to 5PM everyday
[this is only the office phones, not open to public visiting at this time.]
Located in Elkhorn Slough Area,                          Monterey Bay, California.

Fine Dirt, 
Great Climate, & TLC
Grows Fabulous Dahlias !                           
Since 1997
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Order Cut Dahlia Flowers
for Special Events
July 20th thru Oct.14th!

We are now reserving cuts for 2015 events!
Click here for more info!

Dahlia Tuber List 
available for 
2015 Delivery  
 Updated- 3/24/15
190 varieties still available

We grow 650 varieties of Dahlias!
*450 Varieties of the Best Dahlias
Show QualityFabulous Fifty
Cream of the Crop

*Plus - 200 varieties of our own Introductions!

We still have
"Cafe Au Lait" 
Available for Delivery