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Must read: About the bad press towards our company.

Gardening has never been about throwing rotten tomatoes! 

Elkhorn Gardens is part of the movement to create the Free Dahlia Tuber Locator connected with the American Dahlia Farm Association. Seeing that the "Dahlia Addict" website that Amanda created is charging the dahlia farms money to list their company and their tubers, she has created a natzi situation for the farms to behave or she won't promote them, list them and she will give them bad press. It's very creepy! Since Don P. stopped doing the free Dahlia Locator List- Amanda has been the only hub for Dahlia shopping until recently. So, she is the reason Elkhorn Garden is being bad mouthed. Other farms helping with the new free locator list are afraid to go public because Amanda will do the same thing to them. If a really high quality farm is not on Amanda's list- Now you know why.
As anyone can see, currently she is bad mouthing Elkhorn Gardens all over the internet. Down to our farm being listed on "DAVE"S GARDEN" has a negative farm to shop with.
Why? Because The owner of Elkhorn Gardens made a comment to her about her payment requests being unethical.
Interestingly enough all the farms in America want on the free Dahlia Tuber listing thru the American Dahlia Farm Association. No one in the real world is involved with the Dahlia Addict's site and Amanda's rhetoric or behavior. They just want to conduct business. 
The new Locator list will mean that Amanda is going to have a harder time collecting her pay check starting -"tuber selling season 2020". She is seriously trying to push Elkhorn Garden off the map. Which won't happen. 
Elkhorn Garden's is going to continue to stand up for the American Dahlia Farm Association, even if it means we continue to have bad press, and false press as "Dave's Garden" website has printed. 
Dave's Garden has never respectably looked into the correct information on this situation. It leads me to believe Dave's Garden is a false informative on all companies and horticultural information as well.

Posted on Dave's Garden:
Here is the bad mouthing press on our company.

The scoop on 'Elkhorn Garden'
On January 16th, 2019, lancer23 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following: Elkhorn Garden have terrible reviews on Dahlia Addict. Please be warn that they have changed their name to The Garden Song!!! 

We would say Dahlia Addict "Amanda"- is not a respectable informational site for the Dahlia Farms in America at large. She is trying to keep her position of charging the farms for money in order for them to be placed as one of the best Dahlia Farms. She is forcing them to keep slipping her more money for them to keep their farm's status. That's what the stars next to the farm's name is, it's how many times they have paid her.
She is using the Dahlia Farms to give herself a career. How Clever! 
The minute the owner of Elkhorn Gardens asked about the fees for her website- Amanda started to put a negative shadow on us. I have never seen anyone in the Dahlia societies this bad in 20 years. 
For Dave's Garden & Amanda's information- Elkhorn Gardens never changed their name to "The Garden Song'. That is a Health Store selling vitamins and health products. We only use the shopping cart this time of years to allow people to buy their tubers on a credit card on line instead of having to mail in a check. It is set up that way because we have customers who have shopped with us for 20 years and they use it. The reason being, shopping carts on line cost a lot of money to operate. Dahlia Farms [ most of them are small companies run by families not making a fortune]. So we use that one to conserve money.
In the summer, The Garden Song use to have their concert series on the 10 acre garden open for 14 concerts on Sunday afternoons, 1 to 5 pm. Because the owner's of Elkhorn Garden play music and share their private outdoor stage with musicians, people bring lunch and roam the incredible gardens- botanically created. 
People were bringing their handicapped parents in wheel chairs to the concerts, churches would bring their perish to our concerts. People were coming multiple times during the summer. Garden clubs have used our garden for annual meetings. It has always been an incredibly happy situation. 
This is not where Elkhorn Garden grows their crop. The name Garden Song was legally set up for these "House Concerts" to be able to sell tickets for the musicians to make money for their concert and a seriously small snack bar [drinks, chips, candy, biscotti, etc.] for those who came and were hungry. The concerts were only set up to help songwriters be promoted. These events are swarmed with beautiful people who continue to patronize our generosity and be a part of our native certified butterfly habitat. 
​As of now, 
we are being contacted every day from people who want to come back. Garden Song was created for those concerts and herbal products.The owner is a Master Herbalist. Currently, The Garden Song has turned into a Health Store in Pacific Grove, not a farm. The Garden Song is not a Dahlia Farm- it is a retail store. Furthermore, The Garden Song has not had concerts for 3 years now and won't have any this year as well because the gardens are under construction. Sorry to say.

So is Amanda and Dave's Garden really horticulturally correct?
 I thought people who love plants were more conservative, more gracious, having more gratitude, respect, and more supportive.  Amanda has a different agenda-obviously.

P.S. to all of our following of beautiful people who support us. 
We still sell a great Dahlia product, we still treat people professionally, we still have all our customers that have bought from us for 20 years, and we will still promote the
American Dahlia Farm Association and we will still be a part of the creation of the       Free Dahlia Locator List. 

Who in their right mind would want to send negative energy to any garden or flower farm that allows people to share the beauty of it.  The work and love involved in such a place is vast.